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Welcome to Iceland. One of the most beautiful countries on earth! Here you can find Iceland photos, videos, tour operators offering Iceland, accommodations when you get there and much more.

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Exploring the countries of Scandinavia while stopping in Iceland is easy and fun. Stop in Iceland on your way to Scandinavia and pay no additional airfare on Icelandair. For information on the countries of Scandinavia visit:

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ReykjavikNorth American travelers are warming up to Iceland thanks to recommendations by new books, magazine articles and TV shows, moving the country up on American “bucket lists” as a must-see destination in 2012. 
Arctic LobsterAccording to the Washington Flyer: Iceland is slowly grabbing the attention of the culinary world, and for good reason—especially in Reykjavik. 
Inspired by IcelandIn a historical move Icelanders open their homes to tourists this winter – and you’re invited! Check out the unique Icelandic experiences on offer and see how you can enjoy Iceland like a local- with the locals! 
Viking HorseTake an adventure trip to Iceland that recreates several of the activities seen on ABC's Born to Explore including a luxurious dip in the famous Blue Lagoon geothermal spa. 
Iceland MapCheck out Gray Line Iceland's new virtual 3D map of Iceland including "must see" sites, lesser known destinations, and natural wonders like Aurora Borealis. 
Reykjavik Arts Festival“Reykjavik enjoys a surprisingly energetic and inspiring community of artists, musicians, writers and designers. The city is the home of around 30 festivals annually which focus on everything between tango and the Icelandic horse, design and cutting edge theater.” 

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